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St Vincent de Paul Society - Maryanne Singline

Friday, 17 Aug 2018

Maryanne Singline who is the Fundraising and Communications Manager at St Vincent de Paul Society (Tasmania) spoke to us last night on the many areas of assistance offered to the community.

Maryanne has been an employee of Vinnies in Tasmania for twenty one years and it is obvious that Maryanne enjoys working in this sector and co-ordinating fundraising and community events.

She told us that the St Vincent de Paul Society in Tasmania has more than 1,400 members and volunteers, who assist people in need.

She told us many stories of need in Tasmania, many of which were heartfelt.

She touched on a few of the many services that she has been involved such as Homelessness Accommodation, CEO Sleepout,  Food Vans, and Vinnies Shops (35 shops in Tasmania).

We thank you Maryanne for your speech and the dedication shown and wish you and Vinnies all the best.


Dr John Whettenhall - Tackling Malaria

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018

Dr John Whettenhall spoke to the club last week about his attendance at the 1st Malaria World Congress held in Melbourne from 1st –5th July this year.
The congress featured 200 speakers including Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. The congress was sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and research institutes such as the Burnett Institute and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
500 delegates attended from 50 countries. 200 posters featuring re-search projects were displayed.
Attendees at the congress were not just medical personnel. The problem of malaria, as well as be-ing a medical one, is also a social and economic one.
In 1900 few countries in the world did not have malaria present. In 2018 many countries now have not had malaria present for the last five years.
However, the disease is still a major world problem. For example, Papua New Guinea had 478,000 cases in 2016 resulting in 306 deaths.
Tackling malaria requires a multi-pronged approach.

Dr john

Mary Gill talking about Recycling

Monday, 06 Aug 2018

Mary Gill from Launceston Recycling spoke to our members last Thursday evening.

She explained that contamination in the bins, such as food, nappies, lawn clippings and plastic bags hamper the recycling process and cause hazards for the sorting staff at the Materials Recovery Facility.

To help with letting households learn what can and cannot be recycled,  recycling auditors have been getting elbow deep in rubbish to help out.

The assessment process is as follows:

Each kerbside recycling bin is been checked three times and stickers for a pass, improvement required or fail sticker has been left on each bin after each inspection.

She said that people do have concerns that recycling actually goes to landfill, but she said that it doesn’t here in Tasmania. The recycling here does get sorted and is sold off.

There were plenty of questions about what is recyclable and what is not, so a lot of Rotarians went from the meeting better informed. Thank you Mary.


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