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Club Meetings:
Thursday for fellowship at 6pm followed by Dinner at 6:30pm
Hotel Grand Chancellor, 29 Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania

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Vocational visit to the Cheesecake Shop

Friday, 14 Sep 2018

Last night we visited The Cheesecake Shop to have a look around the business and of course try some of the wares. Thanks Glenda Iles for showing your Club what goes on behind the scenes.


Rotarian behind the Badge - Lara Alexander

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018

Our second speaker was our own Secretary/President Elect Lara Alexander.
Lara continued her own life story for the information of members and then went on to speak about a recent trip to Laos
She talked about her schooling in Communist Romania, and what that was like. After school she went on to tertiary studies where she obtained a BA(Hons) in Eco-nomic studies—and a Diploma of Accounting.
She has lived in Morocco, New Zealand, Western Australia and now calls Tassie home. Her career has been in Charity organisations, Emergency Services, Hospitals and now she has taken on the job as CEO of St Vincent De Paul in Tasmania.
Lara serves on a number or Government Boards, including Consumer Health and Immune Deficiency Diseases.
She recently went on a trip to Lao PDR, or Laos as we may know it. There she was involved in Child Health work with Save the Children. Educational facilities are under resourced, but the pupils display a determination to succeed, and value achievement at school.
Villages have financial enterprise training, and can give out small start-up loans to villagers who can then turn that into successful enterprise.
While Lao PDR is a Communist country, they still have the Buddhist Faith, and many buildings strongly reflect this. It’s quite a contradiction in many ways.


National Youth Sci-ence Forum (NYSF) , Belinda Kavic.

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018

The first speaker of the evening was our Club’s representative at the forthcoming National Youth Sci-ence Forum (NYSF) , Belinda Kavic.
Belinda is in Tear 11 at the Launceston Christian School, and was selected for the NYSF by the inter-view panel.
She told us of her aspirations, and expectations from the Forum. She regards the NYSF as a great opportu-nity to help her decide upon exactly which subject stream to chose next year and Uni, and it will also help her establish contacts, network amongst similar minded people, and meet new people.
She also enjoys the challenge of being put outside her comfort zone.

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