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Errol Stewart - Development in Launceston

Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Our Guest Speaker last week was Errol Stewart, who was accompanied by his wife, Aidie. Errol spoke about his developments in Launceston, starting in 1992 when he purchased Jackson Ford.
Having moved to Victoria from Launceston earlier in his career, he and Aidie decided to return to Launceston. Their first purchase was the Glen Dhu High School, which they developed into a comfortable residence. It was then that he decided to develop the old Salisbury's Foundry into the new Jackson Ford complex. This was a very difficult job, and set a trend for him in terms of not being put off by difficult projects.
It was a meeting with Jim Bacon and John Lees which started discussions on the Seaport development. Money was hard to borrow for such a project, and he had to resort to bringing in other people as partners. This approach continued throughout all his work.
He gave a summary of all his projects, including not-so-successful ones such as the George Town Ferry Terminal development. Fortunately, these failures were rare.
He talked about the sourcing of the marina for the Seaport, the Silo Hotel complex, and the C H Smith area. One thing which has been a feature of his projects is his ability to involve not only private developers, but Local and State Government. This approach was the catalyst which made them viable. The current works include the new Motor Museum opposite the Silo Hotel, and he outlined plans for the precinct. The Silo Hotel is a very sig-nificant part of the North Esk River Park, Rowing Complex and general recreation area. It will be a great tourist attraction. He is even interested in developing the old Kings Wharf, and creating yet another public asset.
It was a privilege to hear from one of the main developers of public space in Launceston, and we thank him for giving us his time, as well as congratulating him on his work.

Errol stewart

Change-over of our Club Secretary

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018

Lara Alexandra has handed the role of Club Secretary over to Dale Luck due to her very heavy work load in her new job


Rotarian Diana Butler, CEO of the Care for Africa Foundation

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018

Last week’s guest speaker was our own Rotarian Diana Butler, CEO of the Care for Africa Foundation, which Diana founded in 2006 along with the late Dr Peter Hewitt.
The foundation provides various aid projects to the Tarime district, a particularly impoverished area of northern Tanzania.
Diana said Australia has one doctor per 400 people. Tanzania has an av-erage of one per 50,000 and the Tarime district has one per 125,000 people.
The work which Care for Africa does in Tanzania is aligned with the Unit-ed Nations’ and UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals.
On a recent visit, Diana was presented with the Order of the Uhuru Torch, a significant Tanzanian honour, in recognition of the work she and the Care for Africa team has done in the country. Diana has also received support from the Australian High Commissioner in East Africa.
Diana emphasised that all the programs Care for Africa undertakes are community driven, with strong involvement of the local people, so the work can be sustainable without reliance on ex-patriate personnel.
The foundation has recently established a Centre for the Empowerment of Women, based in a newly constructed building with sponsorship from the Rotary Club of South Launceston.
Other projects the foundation has initiated include water wells, child sponsorship, breakfast pro-grams for school children, sanitation projects, provision of sanitary products in partnership with the ‘Days for Girls’ organisation, a mobile health clinic, family planning programs, adult learning schemes and the building of schools in remote areas.
Care for Africa provides a fully integrated program of Water & Sanitation, Health, Education and Social Enterprise.


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